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Sunday, December 28, 2008 0 Comments

The moment i woke up, i was greeted with lower back pain. I think i did not sleep
properly last night i guess! God, today's Sun again, time really pass so damn fast
luh! Got to go back to work on Mon again which i dunc wish to! Alright, im a damn
lazybum ok?!

I guess i might be laying at home to rot or will be going over to Bf's place in the
noon, but i feels abit lazy!

Im damn bored so i did some colouring to pass my time. Sorry if its fugly!

PS: This is not pixelling! Pls do not rip, if you want it, pls tag & ask me nicely & i will
giv it to you personally! Dunc worry, i dunc bite!

PARTTWO - Oh-so-random!

Im feeling so moodless & tired today, i dunc knw why! I totally lost mood for
everything! Wanted to create a skin, bt aborted the idea after that cause i just cant
think. Im going insane!

Finally, the something answer my question! Ms.Mense visited me just now! No
wonder im so tired & moody! Damn, i hate mense! Why do girls had to hav mense
& go through all these sufferings but the guys just do nth but flirt?!

This is so unfair! Blame god for making me a girl! Duh!

PARTTHREE - Wendy teaches palmistry, Lesson 1!

Beware, its a long post!

I guess everyone is pretty interested on how your future would go & what would
happen tml? Few years back, i was quite keen to look for a fortune-teller cause i
wanted to know what will my future be like, so i told mummy. She was flaming
hot & gave me a thrashing.

She scolded me cause she said that the more you know, the more you will be
worrying about & the messier your life will turn out. And of cause, this is not her
own theory but other's which she heard. So gave up my idea!

Alright, the following details im providing are just for fun. It may or may not be
true, but depending on how individual thinks. As its abit too long, i will post out
more as days goes. So, stay tuned daily if ure interested!