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Thursday, December 25, 2008 0 Comments


Thanks to all who send me the greetings via SMS, MSN & TAG, enjoy your
xmas & may you be by flooded with presents!

Went to JP last night, & walked around. Surprisingly, when i reached the place
its alrd 9.30PM but the shops are still opened & the mall is still super packed.

Bf & i went into the new NTUC Xtra which was super big. It sells practically
everything like soft toys, TV, air-con, grocery etc. Indeed a all-in-one place.
Brought a spring chicken & some sushi home to eat. Stayed at Bf's place & went
home at 10AM.

PARTTWO - Been & back!

Firstly, changed my affiliate link's image, its inspired by blogskins' screenshot upon
submission of a new skin. Secondly, added in a script under "Webmistress" the day
before ystd. I super love the animated name! Thirdly, changed my xmas banner to
a new year banner & added in the cow on the top of my stats. Hover the cow & see
what will happen! Xmas is over & it marks that 2009 is arriving & that makes me
a year older again! Oh damn!

Slept for a few hours just now & met Bf at 5PM. We headed to JP once again. Dined
into Japanese buffet resturant for my brunch + dinner. Ate to our max for nearly 3
hours. I was full till the max & nearly puked. I ate like more then 20 prawns!

Shall not elaborate anymore!

After dinner, we walked around again. Bf brought a big eeyore for me. I wanted a
piglet, but its sold out, so i took the dumb-looking cute eeyore! Thanks darling! Went
into Action City & oh wow, there are alot of interesting stuff to look at!

I saw this cute container full of sweets & on the cover, it wrote "push to open",
therefore i followed the instruction without hesitating & guess what?! I got electrocuted!
I was in the state of shock for a second & i screamed. For the next moment, my fingers
was numbed. It was fuxking pain. Bf laughed at me for being curious & foolish!

Was damn tired & decided to head home! I hav not finish my project yet & the deadline
was tml! Got to rush it out by tonight! Going out with Cara tml.

Wishing everyone a merry christmas & a happy new year!