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Friday, December 26, 2008 0 Comments

Oh yes, who doesnt like shopping & new items or clothes?! Dec is known as "The
Shopping Month" for me, but i guess its also for the majority i guess! WHY?!

Firstly, because, chinese new year is arriving therefore almost everyone are shopping
& hunting for their new clothes for chinese new year! Secondly, its because all working
adults got their bonus so they hav got more cash to spend on so as to pamper & reward
themselves for what they hav worked for the year.

I did my shopping today with Cara. Went to Bugis & town today. Spent over a hundred
dollars. Brought 2 dress, a top, a bottle of perfume & a portable spray for my perfume
while Cara brought a dress for herself, a tee & a bottle of perfume for his Bf. Both places
were so crowded today! Walked till our legs are so aching!

Accompanied Cara to her sch to register for her diploma course for next year. After
that, met Stella & we went for dinner in Mos Burger. After dinner, parted with Cara
& we headed to sch! Its so sickening cause we got tricked to go for the lesson. It was
written as a 1 hour lesson for today in our time-table, but when we reached thr, the
lecturer told us that it was a typo. OMFG!

Initially, our main purpose of going to sch is to hand up our assignment, but in the end,
we stayed for the lesson till it nearly end without our textbook & stationery. Hey, we
are good students alright?!

Im quite tired as i got up quite early to prepare before meeting Cara. Shall post up sm
pics before ending this post!