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Monday, December 29, 2008 0 Comments

Im as good as dead! I hate having mense! I hate wearing that fuxking uncomfortable
pad & i hate having painful cramps! Why does a girl hav to go through all these while
the guys need not?! So damn unfair!

The painful cramp is hunting me throughout the day & not letting me go! Im currently
having a pain score of 3 to 4 & going 5. Its not just the pain from the tummy but its also
radiating all over my back!

I hate the feeling of blood clots coming out from my vagina & having to change the pad
there & then everytime! Sorry for using such word, but at least, its not a vulgarity!

Do you know that a woman will get approximately 500 menstrual cycle in their lifetime?
In other words, a woman will hav to go through such suffering for 500 times! Fuxk, its
alot man! See how noble a woman is! Guys, pls cherish us!

There are several things that will help relieve discomfort:
  • refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, cola or cocoa.
  • avoid stress. Relaxation and massage can work wonders.
  • exercise and staying fit can help prevent painful periods
  • keep your abdomen warm
  • use pain relieving drugs if necessary
My bad day! Work was damn hectic today! I didnt even hav the chance to take a little
rest. Cases comes & goes rapidly. There are 2 GA (General Anesthesia) cases which i
handled. I realized that im seriously lacking in the practice of my skills. While im
recovering them, i was totally lost & my brain went blank!

Anyway, this is my first time exposing to such situation. The first child actually turned
blue for a second. Luckily, the anesthetist was there to help but he should extubate it in
the theatre itself cause we doesnt hav the equipment if the patient really collapse upon recovering.

The second child was another disaster too. She kicked & was attempting to jump out
from the bed. She was quite plumb & very strong, so there was 4 nurses there to help
out as she was struggling & wailing away in the recovery. The mum of the child came
in after that & tears was coming out from her eyes. She's crying cause she couldnt
bare to see her child suffer. I feel damn sad too, poor child whenever i see a child going
into the theatre!

My skills was left untouched by me for 2 years. I forgot how to suck a patient but today
i tried. I had to put a long thin tube into her mouth & push it all the way so that it will
penetrate directly into her trachean using a suction machine. It was quite scary cause
the patient keeps coughing & struggling but i hav to do it so that i can clear the secretion
inside her mouth to make way for the air to go in.

Alright, im off again tml. Yay, another long holiday! Will be going back to work on Fri!

PARTTWO - Banner for you!

Alright, its gonna be another brand new year again! Here is a banner for all of you!
Sorry if its fugly, hope you people dunc mind!