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Tuesday, January 06, 2009 0 Comments

One word to describe my day - bad! I was strucked by a long episode of headache
& nausea feeling this morning when i wake up. The headache caused me so much
discomfort & i almost wanted to go home. Asked for some pain killer from the
in store pharmacy & luckily, the drug works on me!

Today was really busy & i didnt really hav time to take a small break & my legs are
damn aching! There are some auditor that came in to audit the place & everyone
was busy preparing & clearing stuff hoping that the auditor will not pin-point the
faults in the operating theatre.

Today seems like a black day to me! Im not feeling well in the morning & guess what?!
In the later part of the day, i was sending a patient back to the dayward with Haslina &
while pushing the bed, the wheels run over my feet!

Imagine that a bed with patient which was estimated about 100KG, & that thing ran
over your feet! The minute the wheel went pass my feet, i could feel that my whole
feet was numb & it immediately turned red! It seems damn painful, but i didnt really
feel the pain but an odd feeling on my feet. I hope that the nails will not come off my
nail bed & it will not swell tml! Hope it will be fine tml!

Mystery Box Addict - Pet Society!

Aww, im damn addicted to buying mystery box in pet society but if only i hav infinite
amount of cash in my account!

I hav turned my whole house pink in color, its love man! Firstly, thanks to an unknown
guy who brought me a pink bathtub, a pink princess bed which cost 15K, 2 pieces of
strawberry carpet, a pink table & some misc items! Secondly, thanks to Chloe whom
brought me a pink dressing table, a pink basin & a pink rack! Million thanks!!

Let me show you the screenshot of my house!

Who else can donate me a chandelier, a jukebox, the lip sofa, balloons, toys or any other
luxury items?! Anything will do?! LOL! FYI, my pet is rather poor!