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Friday, January 09, 2009 0 Comments

This enty is posted at work! Having a short list, Yay!

I heben been updating for awhile cause im damn busy with schools & shoppings.
School falls on Wed & Thur, but i did not attend lesson on Thur. This week is the
last week for the 2nd semester's module & i was wondering if i can pass & scrap
thru the semster cause most of the time, i will be absent for lesson.

I must start studying by this week cause the exams will be in 1week's time. I
hav not much time left to study, pls help!

I heben been meeting Bf for nearly 5 days, hopefully we can meet up today for
dinner or what so ever. My poor boy is depressed because of studies, cheer up
alright? Kampateh!

Went shopping with Stella ystd instead of going to sch! Oh great, i hav been
absent for lesson for countless times, hopefully, i could catch up with the
teachings after i did my self study. Brought a black top & a pair of black heels
for CNY!

Im looking forward to CNY cause im craving for a long holiday! Im really tired
with work! My legs are always aching cause i need to do lots of walking everyday!
I guess this is so called my daily exercise cause im a girl who hates to exercise!

More updates coming in the night, stay tuned!