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Monday, January 12, 2009 0 Comments

Thanks Twinnie!

Thanks Amelia!

Im damn tired these day! A new week started again! Work was kinda peaceful today!
Received a call from Diana & she broke me the news that Jia Ying met with a bike
accident & is quite seriously injured.

Went down to visit her in the ward & talked to her awhile! Well, she seems quite sick
& her tummy hav got a big patch of blue black! Poor thing, get well soon JiaYing!

Im damn addicted to buying mystery box in Pet Society! Yay, i reached level 34
alrd! Dunc ask me why im leveling up so fast! For tips, pls refer to the forum!


Note: Pls do not pester me for things in Pet society! No more PMs & tag to
ask me
to buy you this & that! Seriously, i hate that! I will giv, but on my
own accord &
without you asking me to! Thanks!