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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 0 Comments

Oh great, i hav been missing in action in the cyberworld for a period of time alrd.
Great uh?! Im neglecting my blog & those updates! I think my blog is going to be
dead soon! Pls continue to support alright?

Ok, im tired both mentally & physically for the week! I dunc knw why, perhaps
is the working environment or those politic issue which leads to this! I hate being
at work cause its practically suxk! No cooperation, no conversation & jus a hi-bye
thingy every now & then!

Damn, JH resigned on Tue & that makes my motivation drop! No more chats during
work & its damn bored alright! Take care girl, hope ur choice is a correct one! Im like
a mute girl during work cause people are gossipping & back stabbing everywhere,
what else could i say?

Could you image, A is badmouthing about B to me & vice versa! God, what can i do
but just listen to them?! Both are my friend & im like a meat in a burger being
squeezed in the center! I wish to help but how should i go about?!

Im feeling vexed these days! Cheryl asked me to go back & im still in the mid of
deciding whether to go back anot & if i go back, problems still arise! What can i do?! Pls
help me man!

Exams are coming & im not even prepared! Aww, i hate living in this world! DAMN!
Problems keep coming & nv goes! HAIS! :(