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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 0 Comments

Yay! My Maths exam is finally over! I thought i would flung it, but i did not! All
thanks to Stella whom helped me alot ystd! Studied with her in Yew Tee's Mac
for solid 5 hours ystd!

Believe it anot?! I finished 4 sets of exams questions in a day! I felt so proud of
myself & i cant believed that i hav done it! Hope that my hard work pays me off!
I really hope i will pass with flying colors, cause i hate Math!

Went over to Town with Stella after our exam. Shopped & walked around! I also
went for a Classic Pedicure! Thanks to Stella again for the wait! We brought a pack
of silver sworoski crystal & i love it!

My pedicure, well, it looks way better in real life!

Headed to Woodlands with Stella again. Walked around & she brought a top! Yay,
i brought a Malay handbook titled "Malay For Daily Use"! I want to make my Malay
perfect, well, i hope i can!? Hope that book will be a great help to me!

After that, went to YaKun to eat bread toast with half boiled eggs! Sat down for a
chat! Stella & i planned to set up a small business some where nxt yr! Any kind soul
would like to put up the ads in their blog for free?! LOL!

Alright, i hav gt another exam to take on Fri! Hav to get my butts going!