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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 0 Comments


Omg, i hav more den 500 post in my archive after blogging for more then 3 years,
its like finally man! I wish to hav more post as time pass! I want to hav a much more
live-lier blog!

Alright, two words to describe about my work today - plain boring! Its like practically
doing nth & just sitting there, stoning & thinking of things to do but i just cant think of
any! Anyway, im on a long vacation off work! Will be off from today till nxt Wed! Im so
happy can?! YAY!! Drawn & did nonsense during my free time at work!

OMFG, im so not an artistic person! Damn fugly luh!

See how diligent this MISSY is?!

The chinese ghost i hav made & drawn! Another fulgy monster-like thingy!

Alright, as stated in the previous entry, im having my OB (Organisational Behaviour)
exam this coming Fri & i hav not even started a single chapter! Well done, Wendy! Im
just too lazy to memorise all the info into my small pea-sized brain! My brain needs
some good updates! Can anyone change the ram & the memory card of my brain?!

Shall officially start studying tml as im always doing this last minute studying cum
revision thingy!

Beggar still does exist!

Alright, after posting up about this "Do not beg me for things in Pet Society" entry,
i still receive numerous PMs from people asking me to giv them things! Omg, come
on man!

This will only lead me to one conclusion - You are a fuxking irritating beggar!

Look, im not trying to be mean! If this same situation happens to you now, you will
also react the way i do! As i hav said, i will giv on my own accord without you people
asking me to!

I will show you how stupid & irriting these people are!

& she continued, "If you ignore, you will be dead by april!"

Wow, great curse man! This is so lame yet childish! I will not entertain this kinda
people even though i got tons of free stuff to giv away! By a simple click, you will
be out of my friendlist!

Continue to piss me off, hahahaha!

New Blogskin!

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