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Friday, January 30, 2009 0 Comments

Today is a super boring day cause the workload is so minimum! I was still in the
CNY mood for the pass two days yet dragging myself to work! Sorry, the following
are jus some rantings by me!

Sometimes, i hate being a nurse! In lay man's time, we are labeled as nurses in
short. In our job scope, we are indeed known as cleaners, maid, repairman,
attendant, care-giver, inventor, companion etc when working.

When we further elaborate our job scope, we are just odd jobs worker cause we do
everything under the sun! For example, today we cleaned the whole recovery areas
& those beds for the whole morning! We are also required to repair those faulty
machines but of cause, if its beyond our knowledge, the repairman will take over it.

We are just high-class maid cause we do everything for the patient & attends to all
their needs! Some even treat us for granted! We also need to invent new techniques
so as to minimize infections in the hospital!

In Nursing, we are always overworked, under paid! If i were to make a choice again,
i guess most probably, i will not want to be a nurse again!

Today during work, i was chatting away with Auntie Lock for the whole day! We
talked about our eerie experience when working as a nurse! She told me that when
we was still in Tan Tock Seng, alot of staff those her that there will be a Sister coming
in to make rounds in the night but when dunc ever talk to her cause she hav got no

She also told me that she expierence smth in the current workplace! Eerie thus
making me paranoid! Anyway, nxt week will be a busy week again!

Met Bf after work! Yay, i love him!

Pet Society!

Aww, who can donate me a toaster, a monster couch & a mirror?! I wanted them
so much can?! Hais!

Im looking forward for the new items next week!