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Saturday, January 31, 2009 0 Comments

Oh yay, i finally get to change my phone! God, i changed my phone twice last year
& now the first time this year! I think im wasting my money as i only use my
previous phone for about 6months!

I wanted to get either HTC Touch Pro or HTC Diamond, but im just not fated
with either of them! I asked around the whole of Jurong Point & all replied me
with the same answer, "We dunc hav it OR Its out of stock!" So i rang my
operator, Singtel & asked about it & they say, "Oh, we dunc import these two
models in anymore & it doesnt come with any plan!"

Aww, after listening to such sentence, my heart sank! But, luckily i still hav a
desire phone in my heart - Samsung Omnia!

I love my PDA!

The current phone cost me a bomb & so does my previous phone! I swear im not
going to buy phones without plans! Cause i brought my previous phone which is
jus a simple phone without plan for SGD400 & after 6months, i sold it at the price
of only SGD130! God, what a great loss!

I hav been exploring & charging my new phone for the whole afternoon at Bf's place!
Thanks to JH who taught me how to use the phone! She is superb man! All problems

Pet Society updates!

Im so motivated by the new items from the mystery box! I simply love the squirky
sotong, but its so damn rare that its damn hard to get it!

I still wants alot of extinct stuff in Pet Society but i cant get it! Who will be the kind
soul to donate or trade it with me?! Aww~!

I heard from Xiaorene that more items are coming up! Im so looking forward to it!
God! Yippee~!

Alright, im going to further explore my new phone! Take care!