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Thursday, February 05, 2009 0 Comments


Participant: 20/25

Successful entries:
Fifa Sherri Isabella KaiYing Whitney
Candal Avia Andrea ZhuEenn Sylvia
Adeline Laura Michelle PuiKuan Melissa
MuiFoong Sharmaine JieYing Qing Miko

Date due for this event is tml, 6th Feb 09!!
5 more contestant needed!

For more info about the competition:
Firstly click here, then hover to the navigation "BLOG" for contest details.


My school reopened ystd! Met Stella after work at Plaza Sing! We went to
"Ice Monster" for dinner! My first time thr & the food was marvellous!
Im a mango lover, so the menu suits me perfectly cause they used mango
as an ingredient in most of their dishes! Yay, i love mango!!~ YUMMY~

After dinner, we went for class! Cat, Stella & i sat in a row! Guess what?!
We were not attentive in class, all 3 of us too out our handphone once we
stepped into the class & started surfing the wireless internet all the way
till lesson ends! The lesson is damn boring & dry! Great thanks to my dear
phone whom accompanied me & cure my boredom!

Lesson ended at 9.20PM & headed home! What a long day!

Fuxk it man! Today is the worst day of the week! One word - Indescribable!
Damn hectic & messy especially in the noon & i barely hav a chance to seat down
to let my leg rest! Everytime i take a glance at the clock, i wish it was 4 o'clock!

My poor leg hav to suffer, so does my back! Im having this serious backache,
achy legs & my tummy feels funny throughout the day! After i got home, i felt
nausea! God, im kinda sick! I wan to fall sick! FYI, i hav not been sick for more
den 5 years! Damn bloody right?!

Im tired, seriously tired out mentally & physically! I hate to push those heavy
beds with patients on top & i hate to walk hundreds of kilometers during work!
Basically cause it makes me real tired everyday & im working for the sake of

Ok, shall stop here! Im dying soon!