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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 0 Comments

Im really so not feeling like to go to work today, as usual, dragged myself to work
for the sake of one word - MONEY!! Well, we cant live without money in SG!!

My leg aches everyday caused during work! Image u hav to walk tons & tons of
kilometers for 8hours daily?! Being a nurse is a tough thing! Sooner or later, all
my veins will slowly appear! I dunc wan to develop DVT!!

Supposedly, im having lesson tonight, but i got a notice that it was cancelled cause
the lecturer is not feeling well! I jumped upon seeing the notice cause i was so
tired after work & i dunc feel like going at all!

Went over to Bf's place after work! Bf just send his lappy for servicing therefore
i helped him installed all the necessary programs while he study for his exam
tml! I musy salute to him, cause he did 3 pass year papers in a day! Woohoo, i
can never do that cause i will surely fall asleep!

Bf's having his major exam in a week's time! I can see that he is studying real
hard! My poor boy! Dear, good luck oh!