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Thursday, February 19, 2009 0 Comments

May be back, i dunc knw! Sorry!

Im breaking apart!

Im suffering from serious bodyaches since ystd morning! I endured throughout
work cause it was damn busy ystd! Shag~! By the end of work, my legs are like
breaking apart!

Waited for Reb till 5PM at houseman cafe & headed to PS with her. We hunted
for her handphone pounch & went to sit down in Ice Monster to wait for Stella!
Seriously, my legs cannot make it anymore even though i wore the support
stocking during work!

Stella came afterwhich & we had our dinner together. Proceeded back to
class. We were to late to catch the last shuttle bus to sch, therefore, we
walked all the way to sch from Queenstown. A guy stepped on my toe when
i was alighting from the train. It was damn painful & the crystal i pasted on
my toe dropped off. Imagine how hard he step!

The way the lecturer talk makes me want to sleep! Was damn tired &
nothing gets into my brain! We all decided to go home during break since
nothing went into our system!

No shuttle bus at that time, so we walked back to Queenstown MRT. As we
were walking, there is this Indian guy walking towards our direction. He
walked pass me & his perspiring hand bang onto my arm & there was a very
loud bone-to-bone knocking sound! It was damn painful!

I shouted "Oei" at him, but he ignored & continue walking as if nothing had
happened! Was he made of wood or what?! The knock makes my arm goes
red yet he has no pain at all?!

Damn, he walks without looking & doesnt even bother to sorry before he
goes! The worst part was, his hand was damn sweaty & when he knocks
onto my hand, my hand was damn wet too! Super disguisting can?!! Fuxker!

Reached home, bath & lie in bed. I didnt even bother to on my lappy as
i was too tired! I took some painkillers & muscle relaxant before i sleep.
I didnt went to work today as i was having a slide fever & headache! My
body aches too!

Wanted to see a doc, but i took somemore painkiller & headed back to
sleep. By the time i wake up, i was quite ok alrd, so i didnt visit the doc!
Hopefully, the pain goes away by tml!