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Friday, March 13, 2009 0 Comments

Yes, finally my rest days is here! But, i knew the weekend will end real soon, just like
how long a sleep last! Well, got up real early, as usual but its at 7.30AM. Washed up
, prepared & went out to JP to meet Bf & he accompanied me to SGH for my TCU

Uh-oh, i was late! By the time i reach thr, Bf was alrd holding on to our breakfast! I
didnt ask him to buy, but he just brought me the peanut porridge! He knew i was not
feeling well 2 days back, so he brought smth light. Thanks darling!

Made our way to SGH. We were just in time. Waited for my que number & went out
to hav our breakfast in Kopitiam. We ate outside food but brought a cup of milo & a
i-dunc-know-what-its-called tim sum. We have a quick breakfast cause i was afriad
we may miss our que while we were out of the clinic. But when we were back in the
clinic, its not our turn yet!

Waited & finally, its our turn. The doctor give me a brief explanation of my report
but its like reading out what was written in it rather then to explain to me what it
really was! Nvm, i can read & interpret it myself. He also suggested 2 option! One
was doing a biopsy & the other was to do an operation.

What should i do?! Im scared! I was given an option to do nothing but observe but
im afriad the condition may worsen. Daddy & Mummy ask me to go for the op, but
i seriously dunc want any! Im scare & of cause dunc want any scar either!

AHH~! Im so scared~!

Im starting to get stressed over my 2 upcoming projects! The deadline is coming in
like 2 week's time & i hav yet started any! The best part is, i dunc even know what
it is really about & how to go about doing it!

Fuxk, im stressed & scared!!

I hav got another appointment tml! Dental appointment! Damn, i need to stuff tons of
anti-biotics into my stomach again! >.<