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Friday, March 06, 2009 0 Comments

Aww, its a slow week & finally its weekend! Im longing for weekends since Mon! I
hate to work & hate going to work due to massive politics problems in my work area!
I seriously hate it man!!

I didnt update my blog recently. Firstly, cause im too tired everyday due to work &
sch. I hav been slping early for the pass few days! Secondly, im too lazy to on my
lappy! Lastly, i hav not much to update about!

Oh damn, my daily traffic has gone down the drain & hav been dropping pretty much.
People, pls help me to increase my daily traffic & vote for me yea? Thanks! I dunc
want my blog to be dead! I want it alive!!!

Diamond is woman's best friend! I simply love it!

Pet Society~

I have not yet decide the winners of the competition. Will decide by this week! Sorry!