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Saturday, March 14, 2009 0 Comments

I am young, so i am full of colors~

I am so fortunate to be pink in health throughout my life. I need not suffer from sickness
like those poor elderly lying in bed most of the time, going in & out of the hospital, frail
& ill.

Elderly will be red with envy at me cause they are yearning to be young again! How they
wish they could turn back the clock & never grow old.

This is our "green" period! Being young & innocent yet rebellious at times makes us
grow up gradually. These lesson will taught us how to survive in the real world.

I still remember, in the black & stormy days, i used to play in the rain when i was still
a young kid! Having grown up today, i still likes to play in the rain. It's fun!

The word "blue melancholy" reminds me of those sad days but i will always remind
myself that tomorrow will be a happy day again!

Now, its summer! Lets enjoy the yellow sunshine! Hope everyone's happy & smile like
what the sun does now before its too late.

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