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Saturday, March 21, 2009 0 Comments

Woman/Girl/Lady are the weirdest creature on Earth!

Dunc you think so?

Having seen with a wardrobe packed with tons & tons of clothes, we are still not satisfied
with what we have! & we will keep emphasizing that we hav got no clothes to wear!

When we buy that particular top/bottom we will think hard how to match the top so that
it will be nice so we go hunting for another suitable top/bottom just for that particular
silly reason.

And after we got the particular set which we are satisfied, we will start thinking about
which type of heels & colours will go perfectly with it. And there we go again, hunting up
& down for it.

Sometimes, we go to the extreme that we brought something which doesnt look good on
us & yet we buy it cause we love the design. And in the end, we didnt even wore it & its
left neglected in the wardobe!

Woman are never satisfied! Having tons of bag/clothes & lying at home, we still buy it so
that we can match that particular set. At the very beginning, we will think if ever we have
1 branded bag, we will be satisfied but the thinking turn inside out. We kept wanting to
hav more & more!

This is how horrible when we look when it comes to spending & shopping!

Are you like that? Im!


Today is the girl's day! Going out with the girls! Going to KBOX ltr!

Update again when im back! Stay tuned!