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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 0 Comments

Im spared today! But im not sure i will be with her tml anot! Hope & pray hard that
im not for the whole week! I cant stand her!

Im starting to hate working! Everyday, i will be dragging myself to work for the sake
of money! I may seem fine during work, but in my heart i hav got tons of unhappiness
lying beneath me! The feeling just suck alright!

A malay colleague of mine just pissed me off today! If she's happy, she will keep on
smiling and hugging you which turns me down! And when she is having mood-swing,
she will go around scolding people who talks to her. I think smth is wrong smwhere
in her brain! Guess nobody likes her!

She is planning to sign up a counseling course & she want to work as a counselor. But
not that i look down upon her, but judging on her attitude, i think she will make all the
ppl that she counsel more depressed.

And she was like asking me & my friend about the course fee as the sch accepts only
a credit card upon payment. She herself doesnt hav a credit card & so she was like
thinking how she is going to pay her fee etc.

ME: How much is your course fee?
HER: 4.3K & i want to pay by installment, but i doesnt hav a credit card. I send
an email to sch & asked if they can hav giro option so as to facilitate all students
without a credit card. If they are not going to reply, im going to fuck them upside
down & find another sch to register.
ME: Why dont you pay all cause its cheaper. Paying by installment, they will
charge you GST for each payment.
HER: I dunc hav money! My mum just got discharged from the hospital.
ME: Then take the second option? Pay 2K first then the first by installment?
HER: I dunc hav that much! You think what? My mum just got discharged
from the hospital & i need to pay the bill.
ME: Huh? You worked so long alrd, you dunc hav 2K?!
HER: Who are you to say that?!
FREN: Pawn all your jewellery or lend from your relative?
HER: They all dont hav a credit card & will not hav any extra cash to lend!
Ah nvm. I dunc want to study alrd. I can save my money also.

Oh, please! You are the one who started pouring the questions to us & yet you hav
the gut to throw temper to all of us? Firstly, if you really want to student then jolly
well prepare a lump sum of money first before registering with the sch. Secondly, you
dunc even the money to study, why you worry so much about not having a credit card?
Even if you use a credit card to pay the fee, how are you going to pay the credit bills?

Its like everytime she ask us about our opinion/solution on smth, she will start scolding
people when we tell her what we think or how we will solve it. Now, i dunc even want to
talk to her. Met her in the toilet.

HER: Hello! Why ur face so serious?
ME: -keep quiet & continue washing my hand-
HER: Wad happened?
ME: I dunc want to talk to you if not i will get scolding from you for nth!
HER: C'mon! Im sorry ok!
ME: Whatever!
HER: Trying to hug & kiss me.
ME: -thinking* OMG!-

I will not even talk to her unless its about working matters! I dunc want to get scolded
for nth! Who likes?

I still hav a project to do & the deadline is coming soon but i hav yet touch on it! God,
im going crazy soon! Sorry for ranting out working matters for the pass 2 days! I want
to be happy, but.. .. ..