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Thursday, March 26, 2009 0 Comments

Im looking forward to April! I hate March cause lots of things happened especially this
week! The bad karma is around & within me! Im off tml, so i hope this bad karma will
end this week! Everything is so not smooth can? Those people who read my blog often
will know what happened & how bad my karma is!


Yes, im effing happy that i need not work tml! Im tired like hell & the list these days
are atrocious! Long & messy! Im going to slp like there is no tml! Hope i can sleep &
not wake up forever! I seriously hope so!

Thanks, Siangting lots!!

Did an edit to try out the program Siangting intro me. Its marvelous! I simply love it!
I think these picture is damn funny! LOL!

I played with the editing program again! Its so fun! Im addicted to it man! I was like
pestering my friend to send me their pic so that i hav pic to edit on! LOL!

I knw my editing skills are not up to standard yet! Dunc luff eh! I will make sure i
improve my skills as time pass!