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Saturday, March 28, 2009 0 Comments

I felt very much emotional these days! I dunc knw why! Hais~ Things are not getting
better! Everything around me seems to be screwed upside down, inside out! Its
making me crazy & im sure, one fine day, i will go insane!

Ystd, i went out with Cara to town. She wanted to collect smth from her friend, so i
accompanied her. Went over to Bf hse for awhile & went to her void deck to meet her.
FYI, Bf & her just stayed a block away!

We took 502 there. My first time taking it cause i tot it was kinda long compared to
the train, but it was pretty fast! Went to Sue to collect my income list then met her
friend to collect her pen.

Was super hungry, so we headed to Ajisen for lunch at 3PM. I know this timing is kinda
wrong, it was supposed to be tea time. Nonetheless, we ate & went for a walk. Brought
3 tops & a pair of leggings from Cotton On.

Headed back afterwhich cause i was meeting Stella for dinner at 5.30PM at Tiong
Bahru. Walked around & had a bowl of dessert each. Headed to school early cause we
wanted to let those A students to check on our project.

I think we screwed our project! His first comment was "Your cover page wrong format!"
& the errors came shooting from him. He adviced us to redo the wrong thing but it was
30mins before lesson start!

Stella & i quickly make our way to the library to do the necessary edits. Reb came after
which, but Cat didnt turn up. Although we did manage to edit most parts & rushed like
hell as the library is closing at 8PM but still, i guess our project are still as sucky as
before. I think the lecturer is damn strict. Apart from submitting the project, he still
asked us questions from his teaching & in our project. Luckily, we answered it correctly.

Well, we got a pathetic C cause we didnt let the lecturer check on our project last week
cause he wanted only hard copy but i only had soft copy of the work. Damn shit! All our
project we got A, but only this pathetic irritating subject!

Well, im glad we passed the project & we manage to pass up on time but our grades are
damn pathetic alright!

Did a blogskin just now! I knw its still as sucky as before! Plain & boring! Haha..

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Mon & dad wanted to hav an early celebration for me & sis's bday. Thrfore, today we
had steamboat for lunch & dinner. Bf, Aunt & uncle came over with cousins. Full till the
max! Thanks aunt for the ang pao!