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Monday, March 30, 2009 0 Comments

Thanks god! It was a close one!

Bf's case was put to an end! Luckily, he is save now & is receiving his 1mth punishment
currently! Wow, lucky the verification was a lenient one! Shall not elaborate about this!

My weekends ended again! Im back to the misery days! I was like dragging myself to
work practically everyday! Nth makes me happy except for seeing some friends of mine
but im not always with them cause they need to run the theatre while im running the
recovery areas! Sigh!

Today was not so busy. Schedule was alright compared to those real busy days like Tue
& Thurs! I hate it! Tml will be a disastrous day! Everywhere will be fully packed! Sigh!

Sometimes i wonder, why people got to work so hard and why does our forefathers want
to invent this word called "money"? If this word doesnt exist in the dictionary today, i
guess people in the world will be much happier?

Because of this invention, it brings people more problem. Because of money, people go
bonkers & in the end committed suicide. Because of money, there are theft & robbery
all around the world. And again, because of money, kinship went down the hill. And all
problems arise just because of money! In the today's world, everything involved money!
No money no talk! No invention, no problem!

I was pretty annoyed these days cause i was flooded with numerous spams in MSN.
These are all virus & pornographic website links! Sometimes, i get so pissed to the
extend that i want to delete that particular contact which always flood me with these spam.
I hope hotmail do smth about all these!