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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 0 Comments

Yay, today is the last day of March! I want an Auspicious April & forget the Mischanced
March! Currently, things are going from bad to worst! Yet another disastrous day!
Hectic cum chaotic! Seriously, one fine day, i will turn insane!


Sometimes, i wonder..Why i hav to work so hard? Im just none other then an agency
nurse. Its considered as an extra calefare in the scene! I get so pissed when people just
treat me in a different way! They think "agency get paid more, so they have to work
more!" God, im a human too, OK! And i think a full time's privilege is even more compared
to us! Fucktard!

I hav lost myself, so does my enthusiasm and passion in nursing! Sooner or later, i guess
it will all turn into hatred. All thanks to this fucking place! Sigh, dunc wanna talk about it
no more! I wanna get out of this place asap!

My friend intro me a new playfish game ystd! Hav been playing it. Its abit lame but its
way easier then pet society. You need not play & you can get to level up & earn coins!
Just leave the application on & do anything you want & ignore the application, coins will
come rolling into your account. You can even earn the coins when you are not online!
Cool uh!


Give it a try? Well, im still new to this game & hav yet to explore. If you are currently
using this application, care to exchange some tips or you may also teach me more on this

Wow, just found out that i received about 270 comments in 1 mth! Cool, this means that
i receive about 8-7 tags per day! Thanks you for all the tag! Continue tagging & voting oh!