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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 0 Comments

Super uber pissed at work! Stop calling my name!! OMG! Nearly faint just now! Came
back from lunch & the recovery area was blank but out of the sudden, 3 patients pop
out from nowhere!

I was alone in the recovery, Haslina was with the patient at the back while Jeslyn was
dealing with the patient in the Private side & is going for lunch. Suddenly, everyone was
like shouting for my name.

One ask me to call for her patient, the other ask me to bring the patient to the toilet and
one ask me to call Dayward to ask for patient's mum! And all instructions came straight
into my ears! I still got 3 patients to look after in the recovery, a patient to fetch its just
making me damn pissed! So many instruction, & whose should i follow & which one shld
i do first?!

Im going bonkers! I hate my life now! I just cant stand it! S.O.S PLS!! Morever, my exams
are just around the corner! Its nxt wk & im too tired to study! OMG! I shall start tml!
Business Law is just too difficult! Oh fuck!

I think that my entry are going from bad to worst! Its absolute boring! I hav been ranting
almost everyday & i think i chase most of my readers away! My traffic is like dropping
tremedously! :(

Im tired. Dozing off soon!