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Thursday, April 09, 2009 0 Comments


Yes, im turning 21 this year! Gosh, i feel so old now! However, im reluctant that i need
not need any parent's acknowledgment on anything now. I can sign my own consent for
anything from today onwards!

Hooray to my adulthood!~ Nonetheless, i still hope to stay 18 forever! My birthday wish
will be a simple one this year! I just hope to stay happy tgt with Bf forever & hope my
blog continues to prospers! Just to reveal a little secret of mine, i want to get married in
3 year's time, which means before 24 yrs old! That is kinda fast?

Things i want to do:

Enter a casino by this year!!!
Watch any R21 movie - cause it shows that im 21!
Go on a holiday with my friends & Bf!
Buy a house & get married with Bf & start a little family!
Save lotsa money & plan for my future!
Career switch - cause being a nurse is not fun at all!!

Thanks Xiaorene for making my face so big! & the fake 1million dollar!

Thanks Pailin!

Thanks Amelia!

Thanks Agnes!

Thanks Crissie!

Thanks Josephine!

Thanks Isabel!

Thanks Valerie!

Thanks Gillian!

Been & back from my dinner! A treat from Bf to Kushin bo! Went with Bf, sis & Elisha!
We really ate to the max! I was in the restaurant itself from 6PM to 9PM. I was eating
non-stop for 3 solid hours! Damn, sure to gain a couple of KGs from this dinner!

Bf brought me a cake, but we didnt collect it today but will be collecting tml cause we
were too full to eat anymore! Our stomach nearly burst! LOL! Anyway, will be going to
eat again tml with my parents to celebrate my bday!

Many thanks to people whom wished me today via SMS, MSN, TAGS, FB & FS!

Pics will be updated tml! Im too tired & lazy!

Damn! Restaurant City has been under maintenance since 6AM SG time & its not back
yet! Oh fuck! The maintenance wasted a day of mine, if not for the maintenance, i would
have gain a couple of lvls by now! This is like the 3rd maintenance for the week!

Agnes & i hav been chatting from 11AM to 5PM & we are both waiting for RC to be back
but it seems like we are waiting for nth! The maintenance took more then half a day alrd!
Pissed man! URG!! Hope it will be back by 12MN today! Hais! Boring!!!

Fucking imposter, i feel like screwing you alive right now! Brainless idiotic dumbass!
Stop the act man! At one glance, people will know that ure acting and your act is just
so lame & lousy!