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Monday, April 06, 2009 0 Comments

Im darn sad luh~ My weekends are over~! Another new week, but a short one as apply
for off on Thur! Hopefully, Sister can grant my leave! Im so looking forward to Wed!!!

Readers, strangers & friends, pls tag more often! My blog is going D-E-A-D! Thanks!

Ystd, i went to for a hairdo. Rebonded & cut! Now, my hair looks damn flat-ish~ Aww,
but im damn satisfy with the result! I cant take it when my hair goes messy so im so
addicted to rebonding.

After that, went over to Bf's place to chill! Snap & cam-whore around!

Yea, i received my Nuffnang's Moola for the second time!

Resturant City updates!

Yea, im loving it! Those who have not tried this application, do try it now!! Im at lvl 15
right now! Comment on how my restaurant looks?

Brought a windmill & now, TADAH~

Finally, my popularity is 50/50! Woo~