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Tuesday, April 07, 2009 0 Comments

Damn idiotic brainless imposter, stop it man!

Thanks Amelia for informing!

Well, got to know the presence of the imposter via blogskin! This person has been using
Amelia & my name to go around other blogs to spam! No wonder i hav been receiving
tags from people who ask me why i did "this" thing to them.

Now my query has been answered! Pretty thanks to the imposter, whom make us more
famous in blogskins! But i dunc need such "advertisement"! You just got nothing better to

In my 4-5years of blogging life, i have never once spammed any blog! Why should i hate
a person whom is a total stranger to me? I have got no reason to make myself hate you!
So i dunc see the need to go around spamming! Issnt it? My conscious are clear! If, you
really choose to believe the fakers then be it! I cant change your mindset anyway! But i
can assure that its not me or Amelia & cause we will not do such childish act!

To the imposer/fakers,

Listen up! Oh, fuck you! I know you will be damn
happy by now cause you achieved your goals!

For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with any
of us, just say it out to us! But, stop it, or like what
Amelia says, i will find out the culprit if these
continues! Be it what, i have my own way to track
you down! There is a will, there is a way!

Thanks to those people who believed in me & Amelia in this incident!

My day was spoilt when i saw Amelia's tag about the imposter! Oh damn! You ruin our
reputation man! Fuck! Attended class after work just now. Damn tired! Was like falling
asleep with Stella!

Our project is due tml. Stressed! Exams are coming up in no time! Have to go for lesson
again tml! Aww, what a tiring week! Luckily, my work will be starting at 12PM tml! I
need more slp!