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Friday, April 17, 2009 0 Comments

Im feeling terrible! My body has been conquered by bugs & viruses! My ENT system
(Ear Nose Throat) is going haywire! Blocked nose, flu with sore throat! And i can feel
the hotness within me!

My tastebud is gone too! Its so plain and tasteless whenever i eat anything! *Sigh!

Exams is coming in a few days' time! I dunc want to go into the exam hall with a sick
mind! Has been reading and studying thru Business Law and Fundamentals of IT. BL
is killing me man! Lots of theory and cases in a foreign language to memorize and
understand! Im going bonkers!

Requested off for today as i wanted to hav more time for my revision! Moreover, my
mind is pretty blank right now! Im doubting if i can make it thru this module anot! URG!
I seriously need to study hard for this damn module!

Will be off till nxt Wed! Yay, but the revisions are killing me!! Shit!