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Sunday, April 12, 2009 0 Comments

Omgomgomg! The long holidays are over! Have to go back to work tml! That is super
duper fast alright! Can i not work anymore?!

Hav been very much addicted to Restaurant City these day! I wan to hav a higher lvl & to
earn more coins! Im currently at lvl 20 right now & my experience are slowing down!

Im kinda done with my building's appearance! Im very happy with it now!

But, i still have alot to buy for the inside of the restaurant! But i simply love the
pinkness of it! Woohoo~

Many people hav been quite confused & lost with this game! Let me give you some tips
on how to earn faster & lvl faster! These are the things which i learn from other players
& from the forum!

♥ Try to make sure your worker's health stay at 75%-100% as this helps to increase the
popularity of the restaurant.
♥ Try to get more ingredients for your dish!
♥ Pls take note that you will only get your ingredients on the FIRST visit to your friend's
place only! There will be no ingredient for the subsequent visit!
♥ Concentrate on the lvling of 1 dish of every course cause the higher the lvl of your dish,
the more gourmet points you will get! Aim for lvl 10!
♥ Try to initiate a trade to get the items you need! If the items are locked, initiate by using
"Trade Locked Ingredients" cause usually, the ingredients are always locked!

♥ Add more friends! You can find more friends in the playfish forum!
♥ Always keep your door into your inventory or block your door with a chair/trophy/things
when you log off your application cause your worker's health will drop & so does your popularity!
♥ Always rest your worker before you log off your application!
♥ You can have another extra account just to earn coins faster & you can just leave it there as
its not your main account! - Its a way of cheating!
♥ If can, leave your application on throughout the night & wake up every 2hourly to feed your
workers! This is the fastest way to earn & lvl! (Im using this method!)

♥ All stove cooks at the same speed! But some of the player told me that they think that the
"Teleport stove" cooks faster! For this, im not sure if its true anot!

♥ You can try putting 2 doors so that more customer can enter!
♥ Buy a "Retro Arcade Machine" which cost 8K to distract your customer while waiting!
♥ A "Trash Cabinet" can help reduce litters in your restaurant as some customer detest seeing
litters on the floor!
♥ You can make a long divider in your restaurant to make the route from the door to the table
longer so as to create more time for the waiter to clear the dishes etc.

Apart from these, the arrangement of the chairs and tables play an important role to the
customer! Here are some tips i got from the forum!


As all of you know, there will always be a daily quiz & if you answer the quiz correctly, you
will get a new ingredient right? Here are the answers to the quiz!


Hope these answers all your query & will help you in any way!