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Sunday, April 19, 2009 0 Comments

I was turned into a mute girl by fairy godmother last night! Anyway, just kidding, but im
really mute now! Hais~! So whenever i speak, it will be as good as whispering. God, i cant
talk much anyway! Luckily, its not an oral exam or presentation tml!

Mum still cooked curry for dinner today, but i still ate it! I guess, by tml, i cant even
whisper anymore! I will be having exams tml, but i hav yet prepare myself! My study mood
was not there plus the weather is damn humid so i didnt study. Menses came today!
Stomach cramps! Gonna read thru tonight!

Dyed my hair brown just now, but it looks like my ordinary hair color after washing! Sucks,
i brought the wrong color! Should have got smth more brighter! Maybe i shall get another
color & dye it again!

I need more coins in RC! Im done in the furnishing of my restaurant & leveled all 3 dishes
to 10 alrd. I love the pinkness of my restaurant & im done with all the decorations!

Im now decorating Bf's account! The building is done, & im now starting on the inside! I
still need 2 teleport stoves! Im lvl 25 & Bf's is at lvl 18!

Bf's account - The cheena design!

My restaurant - The castle design!