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Monday, April 20, 2009 0 Comments

I hav been coughing & coughing this morning & the painful cramps woke me up from
my sleep. My voice came back, but i cant shout at the moment cause it sounded damn

Hav been holding on to my notes & reading it again & again, but only less than 1/2 of the
info went into my brain. Exam will be taking place this afternoon at 3.45PM. Oh, im in deep
shit this time round!

Rawrrr, oh shit! Im doomed! I actually flung my exam! Hopefully im lucky enough to get a
D for this subject! My mind went blank when the test paper sits infront of me! Shit, shit, shit!

Hais, im demoralized now! I need to study real hard for the upcoming exam on Wed which
is Business Law! So many theory & cases to memories & understand!

After my exam, im going to giv my blog a real revamp! I need to change a blogskin cause
im so not happy with the current one! I need ideas & inspiration! Hais~!

Alright, shall stop here! Im going into a state of depression! ):