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Monday, May 04, 2009 0 Comments

Im suffocating, hyperventilating & is gasping for air! Why? Im back to work again! Good
thanks to the swine flu/Mexico flu/ Influenza H1N1 virus, ( I hav lost track of what exactly
the virus is called!) all healthcare workers hav to wear n95/drager mask.

Image wearing the mask for 8 solid hours, smelling the hot breathe expelled from your nose
& everything got stucked up there & there is no fresh air coming into your lungs! It's terrible

And, and, most of all, i felt like a duck! I will post a picture soon & you will knw why i say so!
I guess i will be having pimples outbreak soon! Sad!

The mask is seriously killing me! I could feel like someone is pinching my nose & not letting
me breath. Due to the cotton material, my nose itches all the time! We hav to wear a mask
upon entering any hospital premise & it must be don at all times till you step out of the
hospital exit. We hav to check out temperatures 3 times a day - morning, noon & before going
off. Terrible & troublesome!

But its a good start that we protect ourself & Singapore from getting the epidemic outbreak &
hope that no one will get affected! *hope & pray hard*

Work was alright & terrible at the same time due to the aches & suffocation caused by the
mask. Perhaps its due to my 2 weeks break so my legs are like not used to walking around &
that caused the aching. I heard that they want to cut down on the patient in SNEC so as to
minimize the chances of human contaction. Im quite worried that we might hav a long break!
Damn, too many things jammed up in a go! Sigh!

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