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Sunday, May 03, 2009 0 Comments

Finally!! I was at Bf's place for the whole day. Was super boring, so i used paint to draft out
skins randomly, & tadah, here is my new skin. Im loving it to the max luh! Do giv me some
comments about it! Most of the inspiration came from babydoll! Hope she is not angry with
that! As usual, credited everything!

Best Viewed in FF!

Im super tired! Took me a few hours to do this skin! Goodbye to my previous skin! :D Finally,
after like so long, i did smth out of it! Im super satisfied with this skin! Freaking Happy!

Yay, i finally managed to make the slide compatible in FF & IE~ Hooray! More comments
pls! Thanks Pailin for recommending me the slide-maker & cursor hosting website! & thanks
for all comments given!

Comments Needed!

Click for preview, comment & download!

One more day, & i will be heading back to work! Freaking thanks to the Swine flu, all the
medical practitioner hav to don full PPE! Hopefully, it will stay as orange alert till the cure
is found! We will be doomed if it becomes a red alert! Hais!

Im quite worried! Bf recently found a job! He is working in Mount Alvenia Hospital. He will
be the one who takes the temperature & let the patient fill in the form upon entering the
premise. Dear, take good care of yourself yea?

Many people hav fall sick recently. The weather is not very good, plus the swine flu tingy!
The virus is getting more & more powerful due to the high end technology. Should we feel
happy for the advanced technology invented by others or should we hate them for making everything more powerful like the germs, bacteria, cancer etc which makes human suffer?

Bloghopping & out of the sudden, i saw everybody using the follower code! Mine will no
longer be special again! As expected, what can i say? This is what cyberworld is all about -
ripping & spamming! Dont worry, im not blaming anyone!