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Thursday, April 30, 2009 0 Comments

24th-April-2009, Friday

I went to work as per normal. Work was quite slack for the day. Abt 2plus, mummy rang
me up to tell me that granny pass away & we need to attend her wake. So i was kinda lost
as i was working & i went to renew my passport on Thur as its expiring in 4mth's time. Rang
up ICA & asked how could i go about solving my problem so that i can leave town urgently but
they ask me to go down personally to speak to the officer. I left my workplace at 3PM &
cabbed home to take my passport & cabbed to the ICA building. Spoke to the officer, waited
for nearly 2hrs before i could extend my passport. Cabbed home & it was an indian cabby.
He was driving recklessly & was speeding at 130KM/hr during peak hours without his seat
belt on! I was freaking scare thru out the journey. Reached home at 6PM, bath & set off to

25th-April-2009, Saturday

The journey took us 12 solid hours & my superb daddy drove for 12hours non-stop!
Reached granny's house at 6.30AM. Granny was lying on a prank-like board in the living
room. Cried, & this is the first time i saw daddy crying sadly. We offered joystick to granny
upon entering the house. Burned incense paper & slack around to chat. This is the only
time where all cousins could gather together. At about 9plus, the undertaker arrived with
the coffin & we chanted & transferred granny into the coffin. During the night, uncle hired
3 priest to chant for granny. Slept very late everyday & i didnt hav a good sleep as it was
v cramp.

26th-April-2009, Sunday

Woke up at about 9plus. Bath, hav breakfast and we fold the incense paper thru out the day
as we need alot. In the noon, uncle drove us to a shopping mall as cousin wanted to see
smth. After which, went to a nearby shop to hav dessert. The ice kacang was superb
delicious! Its the best i ever had! Lunch, dinner & supper was cooked by those aunty that
we hired. All uncles went to choose & buy the "house" for granny. There was ppl coming
down to chant for the night. We called it "lesson". The chanting started at about 6plus &
ended at 11.30PM. We were asked to fold more of the incense paper & everybody folded till 2AM.

27th-April-2009, Sunday

Everyday is damn humid. Even after you bath, you will still sweat like hell. Incense paper,
slack & chat. Cousin drove us to the nearby shop to hav dessert in the evening. Lesson
started at 6PM. The priest chanted & chanted. The smoke from the joystick make my
eyes damn stinging thru out the night. At about 11plus, we went to burn the paper house
for granny. It was damn hot & the fire was freaking fierce as we were surrounding the
house in a big circle. Headed home & and knock off.

28th-April-2009, Monday

Woke up at 7AM. Bath & prepare as granny will be cremated in the morning. The priest
came & chanted. Had lunch & we set off. Hired a school bus & drove us over. The cremation
procedure was super rapid. I didnt even see how the coffin was being pushed into the window
-like thingy. And, there, good bye granny! We home, bath & eat again. Cousin drove us down
to KL. Will be heading home on Fri. Parents will be coming down to KL tonight.

PS: This entry is damn messy! :S

PSS: Goodbye granny, you will stay in our heart forever!
PSSS: I still doesnt hav any inspiration to do my skin! Fook!