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Saturday, May 09, 2009 0 Comments

Weekends' here! This week was a fast one, but i guess next week will be damn terrible -
long list with ultimate bad combo! Skip next week pls?! The appointment list will be back
to normal which is sucky!

Went to mask fitting after tea. We seriously look like a duck now when we wore it! Luckily,
i manage to pass the fitting if not, i will be in trouble if i fail. Snapping after changing!

Wow, sexy~!

Went out w the girls after work ystd, headed to Far East Plaza. Dinner at Pasta Mania & Alice
wanted to do hair extension, so we accompanied her. In the end, me, Zoe & Jeslyn did a 2
extension highlight too! We did it for fun. We & Zoe did a golden brown one, while Jeslyn had
a bright orange. She seriously look so lian!

Zoe's husband suddenly was in Far East & Iris headed off. We was like having 3 bodyguard
walking behind us! Walked around but its boring! Sat down to wait for Alice for an hr plus.
The extension she did was not bad, but cost her 300bucks! Fuxking ex but she felt worth it!
Well, smtimes we should pamper ourself for the hard work we did!

I took a bus & reached home at 11PM. This weekend, Bf is on night shift. Poor boy!

Before & after effect of Alice's hair extension!