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Sunday, May 10, 2009 0 Comments


Anyway, i will be celebrating Mother's Day next week as sis is not free today. Hmm, How did
you celebrate your mother's day then?

Work was rather light on Fri, so we sat down to chat. Was chatting & we were talking about
ghostly event suddenly. As you know, walking in the hospital is rather eerie sometimes &
its full of stories everyday! I hav heard quite a number of stories from other senior nurses
alrd. Let me share some of them!

Incident 1:

This happened during my attachment days. I was doing night shift in AH. It was like after
midnight, and all patients are sleeping. I was sitting down, chatting with my friend. Suddenly,
the call bell rang so i went forward to check out what the patient wanted. And then, i realized
that the bed with the call bell ranging was empty. So i thought it was some technical problem.
I went back to sit down. That night, the call bells kept ringing for more then 3 times. I was
quite paranoid, but i just ignored!

Incident 2:

I was working in one of the clinic in SNEC last year. A colleague of mine always tell us that
she can see ghost. One fine day, she came running to us & tell us that she saw an old uncle
sitting down on the doctor's chair in one of the room. So told us that this was the first time
she saw this uncle as she always smell fishy smell, hear little children talking & playing away
but nv saw this uncle before. After she told us, none of us dare to enter the center ourself.

Incident 3:

A friend told me this story. It happened in one of her previous home she brought. The house
was near the sea. In her house, she has got an area for prayer in her living room. Her girl was
like 2 year old & she often tell her mom that she saw someone near the prayer area. My friend
didnt take these to heart as she was still a child. One day, she was sleeping in her room with
her girl. Her girl has got this rabbit soft toy & when you shake it, a rattling sound will be heard.
She was sleeping & suddenly, she heard the rattling sound at her ear, rattling v loudly. She
woke up to check if her daughter is playing with the toy, but she was sleeping soundly. And
her maid was sleeping too. She told her sis about the incident & her sis suggest to hire a priest
to solve the problem. The priest came & offered ritual to the house & after that, her maid
told her that she could sleep very well. When asked why, the maid say that she could hear
someone crying every night & she cant sleep. The priest explained that its because the house
is near the sea & it will invite spirits into the house.

Anything to share?