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Friday, May 15, 2009 0 Comments

Absolutely a sucky day! Went back to work today after my 1 day of off. Patients were little,
but i was so damn unlucky! Morning was with Iris & Haslina but at 2PM, i was transferred to
another side to help out as they said its busy thr.

When i stepped there, it was not busy at all. I saw Fadillah sitting down at the Nurse's counter
doing nothing & the frequency of movement was damn slow till i cant stand it! So i just sat
there to chill & did everything as slow as i could! I dunc giv a damn at all!

Why issnt the in charge herself coming over to help too? Instead, she was sitting down at the
other side chatting away freely! WTF is this? Hell man! I totally hate this bloody kinda attitude!
This is call plain laziness!

Finally, the clock stucked 4PM, & i was damn happy that im going home! A week has finally
end! But a new week will arrive real soon! Everyday is the same old thing, how boring is that!

People loves to do silly things in public nowadays! Was i was on my way home in the train, i
saw this girl. She was sitting beside me & she was laughing thru out the journey to herself.
And whats more, she was holding on to a pink comb & she continuously knocks it against the
back of her head. Is she nuts, or is she trying to massage herself with that comb?!

When i was tapping out, i saw this guy holding on to a big square board on his hand & on the
board, a name-like alphabet was written on it as if he was welcoming a superstar in the
control station! Its damn funny luh! Why do people love to do silly things in the public?

Im gonna hav a boring weekend again! Bf is doing night shift for the pass 2 days & on weekends
too! Guess i got to chill at home for the weekend!