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Thursday, May 14, 2009 0 Comments

I freaking hate being ordered around! Like everyone, we got paid too accordingly & its just
a different way of paying us! Why must the paying master bully all the paying slaves?! Dunc
understand me? Well, everybody in my workplace got paid right? Its just that some of us, a
free-lance nurse is being bullied by all full timers! Its already a routine kinda ting!

So they are like the paid master while we are the paid slaves who are being ordered around
to do things! It makes no difference, just like my attachment days! We got ordered around
like dogs!

Im sick of working! Im hoping to get out of hell as soon as possible! I need a break! Tired of
pushing the heavy trolleys around & getting ordered around like slaves! So, stop ordering me
around! I may look normal but im flaming inside everyday!

Anyway, im off today but still woke up damn early. Its Bf's graduation day! Prepared, bused
to Bf's place to wait for his mom & bused over to Ngee Ann Poly. Thr was a heavy jam, but
luckily, we manage to reach in time.

Bf has finally graduated! This ceremony marks the end of his poly life! Im glad that i hav
see him thru his poly years! Tears of excitement nearly rolled down my eyes when he was
receiving his certificate on stage! Im proud of him! But sad to say, i didnt manage to snap
his photo while he was receiving the award as i sat too far from stage & students was going
too fast!

Bf looks damn fat in his graduation costume & i look fugly too!

Headed to ICA building to collect my passport after which. Thanks Bf for the company! I
need to go Malaysia again to do some documentation as i wanted to give up my Malaysian
citizenship & hav to report back to the ICA building again to take my Oath! Its damn
troublesome! But, i still love Malaysia cause is a fun place to go to!