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Monday, May 18, 2009 0 Comments

I hav nth much to blog today, so i shall answer those question that i was tagged!

Steph's tag:
20 facts about me

Im a short & petite girl!
Im a professional nurse but i hate & regretted choosing this course!
I hav been dragging myself to work everyday for the pass few mths.
I cant survive without internet & of cause, my lappy.
I got a huge appetite although im very small in size. (I can eat 2 shares of rice in a meal)
I love pink, white & brown to the max!
I loves wearing shorts.
Im so frickle-minded that i dont know what i want in life.
This is the first tag i hav responded! (Normally i will ignore, hahahah!)
I love cheese & milk.
Im super in love with Thai cruisine cause they are sour & spicy!
I hate my family sometimes!
I want to get married!!!!!
I have only been to Malaysia & Thailand!
I hate my jaws to the max & is thinking of doing plastic! LOL!
I used to smoke for fun!
I hate to study!
I love only swimming & no other exercise cause i hate to sweat!
I hate plants & grass.
Im scared of dogs, cats & practically all animals except human.

Lisa's tag:

Are you single ? No
Are you happy ? not happy at all but quite contented
Are you bored ? Yes
Are you fair ? Yes
Are you Italian ? Nope, im a Singaporean!
Are you honest ? Quite?!
Are you nice ? If you are nice to me i will be extra nice to you too!
Are you irish ? Nope
Are you asian ? Yes

Full name : Wendy Goh XXXXX XXXX
Nicknames : Wendy, LMW, Xmissyger, Missyger, Little-Miss-Wendy, Xiao Pu Dian
Birthplace : Singapore, but i was a Malaysian at the time of birth!
Hair color : Black
Natural hairstyle : Wavy hair?
Birthday : 9th April 1988
Mood : Tired after work & lesson.
Favourite color : Pink, white & brown
One place you would like to visit : Japan

Have you been in love ? Of couse!
Do you believe in love at first sight ? Half yes, half no?
Do you currently have a crush ? Nope!
Have you ever broken anyone 's heart ? Yes
Have you ever been hurt emotionally ? Yes
Ever had your heart brokened and when ? Yes, 2007?
Have you ever liked anyone but is afraid of telling him/her? Yes
Are you afraid of commitment ? No, if i really love the person!
Who was the last person you hugged ? Bf!
Who was the last person you said i love you too ? Bf!

Love or lust ? Love
Hard liquor or beer ? Beer
Cats or dogs ? Dogs
A few best friends or any regular friends ? A few best friends
Creamy or crunchy ? Crunchy
Wild night out or romantic night ? Romantic night
Money or happiness ? Both!? Without any, life will be boring! But happiness is more important?
Night or day ? Night
IM or phone ? Phone

Been caught sneaking out ? I hav nv sneaked out before!
Seen a polar bear ? Yes
Done something you regret? Yes
Bungee jumped ? Nope
Eaten food that fell on th floor ? Yes but on a clean surface like my house.
Finished an entire jaw breaker ? Err, jaw breaker?
Been caught naked ? Nope
Wanted an ex gf/bf back ? No, i hav got a Bf alrd!
Cried because you lost a pet ? No, i nv had a pet before!
Wanted to disappear ? Yes, if possible as & when i like!

Smile or eyes ? Eyes
Light or dark hair ? Light but a natural hair color! Dyed one are yucks!
Hugs or kisses ? Hugs
Shorter or taller ? Taller
Intelligence or attraction ? Intelligence
Topman or zara ? Topman
Funny or serious ? Funny
Older or younger ? Older
Outgoing or quiet ? Average
Sweet or bad ? Sweet but at certain times?

Ever performed infront of a large crowd ? Yes
Ever talked on a phone longer than an hour ? Yes
Ever tried walking on your hands ? Nope
Ever been to a rock concert ? No, nv been to a concert before!
Ever been on a cheerleading team ? No
Ever been on a dance team ? No, im too clumsy to dance.
Ever been on a sports team ? No, i hate sports!
Ever been in a drama play/production ? Yes
Ever owned a BMW ,Mercedes Benz ,Escalade or Bentley? No, im not that rich!
Ever been in rape video ? OMFG, no of course!

Last phone call you made ? Bf.
Last person you hugged ? Bf
Last person you hung out with ? Stella & Rebecca
Last time you worked ? Today
Last person you IM-ed to ? Bf
Last person you texted to ? Bf
Last person(s) you went to movies with ? Bf
Last person/thing you missed ? Bf
Last website visited ? Facebook & my blog

Pass to 10 people whom you know! But, im passing to everyone/anyone who is reading my
blog! Cheers! Im off tml!