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Tuesday, May 19, 2009 0 Comments

Just a super short post here! Sent my phone to the service center for servicing in the noon! Im
so not used to the button when sms-ing as im alrd used to my touch screen phone. Borrowed a
phone from sis temporary!

After which, went to the Malaysia Embassy in Redhill with Sis. Its very complicated here! Im
born in Singapore, but is a Malaysian upon birth cause both my parents are still a Malaysian
when i was born. The government didnt want to make a an authentic Singaporean cause they
are afraid that i may betray them when i grow up or i couldnt decide for myself as im still v
young. Fair enough that they implement this law cause we hav to decide for ourself, not our

But this makes me super troublesome! The oath-taking ceremony (pledging ceremony to make
one an authentic citizen of a country) is a headache for me & im feeling lost! This very day, im
just taking an appointment from the Embassy itself & the waiting time is like 6mths! They need
to take 2 years to generate 1 sheet of paper! OMG!

Anyway, the sun is so bright & sunny today & i nearly melted! The Embassy is in a very
deserted place! Whats more, the Indian lady that serves us has got attitude problem! It took
us less then 15mins to book the appointment & got everything settled. Headed to Bf's place.
Bf's is undergoing a diet control & the way he eats makes me very sad! He practically eat
nothing except eggs & sweet potato! Poor baby!

I hav decided to change my mobile plan & will be recontracting it tml! Yay, i will be buying
another phone - Nokia E63. Most of the phones are rather expensive as i just brought my Omnia
3mths ago! So im getting this simple & cheap phone.

SE w850i has a sucky camera!

Alright, pretty tired! Nights people!