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Monday, June 01, 2009 0 Comments

Gosh, my life is so screwed up now! Totally no motivation in anything i do which includes
working, blogging & more! All my colleague says that i got this sad & bored face these day! As
usual, dragged myself to get up & headed to work. I felt so sleepy throughout work!

Been hunting for skins in blogskins, but there aint any interesting skin! Pailin & Joanne helped
me in the skin hunt too & finally, i decided to use the skin that Joanne helped me! This is the very first time i didnt use my own basecode cause i was so bored of it alrd! I really wanted
something fresh & new!

This few days, my tummy seems weird. I kept this i-want-to-poop feel! Ho gave me a dumpling
today & its marvelous! Something which is new & i hav not taste it ever in my life, nice! But after
about an hour, i went to puke. Maybe while i was resting, the reflux agitated my tummy thus
causing me to vomit. Anyway, im fine.

Called my agency after work. Its like finally, my last day of work is on the 19th-June! Im really
looking forward to this day although i will be an unemployed again! I long for freedom! LOL!
Well, im gonna reflect my plan for the future again! *Sigh! I hav lost my way!

Status: Searching for my motivation in progress!