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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 0 Comments

Sorry for not blogging so often now! Im getting more & more demoralized in work now! My best
pals from work are all quitting one by one! Its like so saddening alright! Anyway, im also quitting
real soon too! Nothing makes me smile & my friends are also suffering too!

Tons of hypocrite whom goes around acting like nice people but are gossiping & backstabbing
each other like no tomorrow! This is the worst nightmare ever! People are all treating the new
bird like maid & its as if they are paid to slack while we are paid to work!

After being in the working world for more then a year, i hav seen enough! But luckily, i hav not
seen the worst of the worst yet. But still, its not fun at all. Years back when i was still a student, i
always yearn to be like an adult, going to work everyday so that i can be rich like a millionaire.
But now, i stepped into the working world, i wish i was a student with no worries but just play
all day long.

How terrible & miserable life is! I do not enjoy living anymore, given the amount of unhappiness
i hav, my smile no longer come from my heart! *Sigh!

Work is increasing constantly! Everyday's list is full to the max! Busy busy!! I guess i would hav
to endure for another month! Hope i can make it!

Nonetheless, Bf still nv fail to make me happy!

Im on an SMS fever these days! Changed my mobile plan to Youth plan from Singtel & im
enjoying the unlimited free sms! Hav been constantly texting my Bf & friends with nonsense! LOL! I simply love it!

Alright, im off to play "Farm Town" as well as watching "X-Family"!