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Friday, June 05, 2009 0 Comments

Gosh, i got my 8th SOTD (Skin Of The Day) today! Well, i knw both my skin aint SOTD's
material & its not up to some people's expectation but its not up to me to choose the
SOTD. Blame on the system if you are unhappy about it. Get this right, i have no control
over the system at all!!!! How good if i have it man!

Anyway, i was quite demoralised about those comments! 2 SOTD consecutively aint
what i choose! & i was not expecting it too! Motivation decreased again! :(

Work was alright but with lots of GA! Anyway, took half day off for shopping! Went for
my flu jab in the noon. Seriously, the prick was freaking painful & now my left arm is
aching like hell. Anyway, its a protection against H1N1 flu.

Today's shopping destination was town. Im kinda sick of going to town but i cant do
much about it as Singapore is just a small red dot in the map! Stella & I brought a
Gucci wallet each without planning before hand. Cost us a bomb man!

I love branded tuck lots! Im eyeing on LV now, i freaking want it man! Anyway, brought
a dress too. Aww, im going to jobless soon & yet im spending so much. Rang up my
agency today, my last day was changed to the 12th of this month. Oh yea, 1 more
freaking week to go before freedom.

This is my car, nice not?! BMW!!


How is wish it was mine! I looked so fat in this pic!!!

Proceeded to lesson after the shopping fever. Reached early & i was playing around with
Mark's BMW! Its way too cool!! He was teaching me how to insert the controller into the
slot to start the car & omfg, i started the car & was so terrified that the car will dash

I finally caught some balls in accounting after like 5 lesson?! Accounting is a killer man!
So many things to learn & tally. I was having migraine in the middle of the class caused it
was kinda too confusing. I hate Maths!

Went to meet Bf after lesson! Had my dinner cum supper! Ate 1 bowl of fishball noodles
& 1 Applepie from Mac at like 10.30PM. Now its 1.15AM & im hungry alrd! Gosh, i hav
been eating tucks lots recently. What happened to me?! Im tired, off to bed now!

PS: I have to learn to type with lesser exclaimation marks cause my entries are flooded with it.