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Saturday, June 06, 2009 0 Comments

The weathers hav been horrible for the pass few weeks. Humid & is unbearable for
everyone. Luckily, i hav been working in a 18 degree environment for the pass 7 months.
Although my body cannot really stand the cold yet i love it but i hav to wear 3 layers of
clothes during work. I know its exaggerating, but im telling the truth!

Today, i finally visit the pool after so long!! I love the sun, the weather was good & i love
to sun-tan. Bf was burning red after the swim, but as compared to before the swim, my
color didnt change at all! Blame it on the amount of melanin in my body! I shall visit the
beach sometime during this month. I want to turn myself into a red chilli crab!!!

Sorry for the fugly random shot!

I edited some part of my skin as i prefer skin with sidebar! How is it? Asked around,
some said better, some said no. I seriously need some more comments man! Actually,
im fine with both, just that i prefer skin with sidebar! Im so confused!! I will change
back if most people say its not better!

Was bored, so i redo my haloscan's template! I simply love the color of pink i chose!
Goodness gracious, i uber love pink & most of all, i love my haloscan's template!!

PS: Irene, i just did some edit to the skin which i said will be ok right, so i jus changed partial
of it, so its fine! LOL!!