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Sunday, June 07, 2009 0 Comments

I hate looking at the time & date now, cause it makes me think of Monday!! Sigh, alright,
shall console myself. Im left with 5 more days & i will be gone for good. Yahoo!! I will be
happily counting down in my heart!

May i know who is using Safari currently? If you are using, would you kindly send me
a screenshot of how my blog looks in Safari mode? I would love to see how it will look

And also, which website are you using for your image hosting? Any recommendations?
Im starting to hate Photobucket! I hav lotsa problem with photobucket! Thanks!

Damn bored so Lisa & i chatted for the whole afternoon! Chatting about the follower's
code, haloscan's code, blog codes & all kinda craps. Noticed the small little change in my
blog post? I have insert a new haloscan's code under my entries.

Pls note, know where to comment!! Im so in love with my Haloscan's skin!!

My old comment box wasn't deleted, but was hidden somewhere in my blog. Try
hunting for it & scream out loud to the others where you found it.

Million thanks to Jieting! He is a great help in all Haloscan's matters! A definite pro in
that man! I want to hav 100 followers for now. Its like a long way to my target. Pls help
me yea?! LOL! Follow me & i will love you lots!

Thanks Charmaine for the banner!

Mum & dad went to grandma's place for 2D1N in Malaysia & they are back with lots of
durian & mango all planted & harvested by Grandma! Of all fruit, i love mango most.

Took a walk to JP with Bf just now. It damn humid these days & its unbearable man! I
hate this kinda weather. How i wish Singapore was like 18 degree everyday!

My celling fan is at the extreme left hand side of my room while my lappy is located at
the extreme right. Everytime when im infront of my lappy, i will feel damn heaty cause
the wind is not strong enough to cater to the whole room.

Brought a mini USB green fan. I wanted a pink one, but it was being sold out but luckily,
i got the last piece. No more feeling humid when im with my lappy! What i like about the
fan is that it can be operated by either USB, battery or power plug! How cool!

Shit, its Monday tml! One more week to go.. ..

PS: I hav to constantly remind myself not to blog with exclamation mark. Remind me yea?