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Wednesday, June 03, 2009 0 Comments

Fuck, i hav not hav a good sleep since Monday! My sleep got disturbed everyday! On Monday,
the primary school's bell beside my block kept ringing for more then an hour throughout the
night! And on Tuesday, the thunders kept roaring in the middle of the night & that woke me
up from my sweet dreams! And today, there is this horn who kept going on loudly!!

Wow, thanks for the disturbed man! I need a good sleep can! Work will be dramatic tml & im
real tired for today!! Work is slow today & the slowness is killing me! I hate slow days but love
days which are fast yet less case! I cant stand slow days or people who do things on their own
sweet time!

Meet the girls for pedicure & im simply loving it! Signed their package too! The work was real
thorough & perfect! Their drawing & nail art was totally attractive! The massage was so really
soothing! Great thanks to Claris for the recommendation man! Shall snap my toes & upload the
pic in my next update!

Was late for class, but nobody cares! Talked & was on Wifi throughout the whole lesson! Damn
boring! Went home during break time as i was too tired to concentrate! Well, im sleepy! Got
to sleep now!

Did another version of the skin which i made ystd! Kinda having this skinning fever! LOL! I
think i shall make more skin after the 19th! Woohoo, its getting nearer! Countdown: 2 weeks!

Blogskins has got a bug or something? The downloads of my new skin is totally madness! 1.6K+
in just like 15 minutes? I dunc think is possible for this to happened! Ransacked through today's
submission, there was a few with this madness kinda download! Whats happening?

Click to preview & comment pls!

PS: Irene & i came up with a betting to see who (Irene/Me) can stop changing skin from today
The longest wins!