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Friday, June 12, 2009 0 Comments

Im lazy to type, so i shall blog about the main points. Woke up early & headed to Bf's place
for lunch. Slack at his place for awhile. Bf brought me la pi xiao xin (crayon shin) favorite's
cracker from Diaso! Tasted like banana flavor but quite nice.

Proceeded to Outram to meet Stella after which. Went for manicure today since im no
longer working anymore. Tml im going Outram again! Damn!

We waited for till like 3.45PM despite having an appointment at 3PM as the shop was fully
packed. But nonetheless, the service was quite satisfactory & very cheap! Again, highly

First, we were given a bowl with water babies to soak our fingers like a little kid. I was
playing with the babies while soaking & the babies toppled out of the bowl without me
knowing. Shaped, buffed & paint my nail with nail art. I simply love my nails now! It
looked so sweet~

Had dinner after that & went to school. Exams are near, but i didnt understand a single
topic that was taught during class. The subject is like a perfect stranger to me! I really
need help man! *Sigh, i better start thinking about the solution!