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Saturday, June 13, 2009 0 Comments

Its weekend today, but i still woke up quite early today. Prepared & meet Jeslyn at Outram.
Wanted to go back to SNEC to return back some things to Sister as i was given a last min
off on Fri & all my stuff is still there.

When i reached there, i realized that i forgot to bring the necessary things as i was rushing
for time before i got out. Oh damn shit, im so damn blur! Luckily, Sister got extra key to
open my locker & i manage to take everything out. Got to meet with my colleague to return
my key to them.

Headed to Bugis with Alice, Jeslyn, ShuHui & CuiShan for steamboating. Sounds damn weird
to eat steamboat in the morning uh, but as its due to circumstances. Its a pity Iris didnt go
with us! If you are reading this, damn you!! Hahas, just joking!

We ate for solid 3 hours! I was damn full by the end of the session & looks as though i was
3 months pregnant. Walked around to digest the food & i brought a dress. Poor ShuHui, her
tummy was not feeling well & so she headed home first while we went to Starbucks to chill.
Headed home after which.

A simple yet short day. I felt full but i was still munching with the Nachos at home. Asked
mum to buy me a large whip from KFC too. Aww, weight shotting up again! Im sure to
gain a few KGs today!

PS: People, continue to follow, vote & tag my blog yea?
PSS: Im jobless now!
PSSS: And im utterly broke now!
PSSSS: I seriously need a job man! Anyone got lobang?