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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 0 Comments

Yay, im left with Friday & i will be free!! Work was damn busy after lunch. Well, we kept
fetching non-stop for the whole afternoon. Im so freaking tired and is suffering from the
aches on my poor leg. I hate lazybums, i know, nobody likes them!

There is this sentence quoted by my colleague, "One may be your good friend but they
not be a good colleague. Vice versa, One may be your good colleague but may not
be your
good friend!" I think this sentence is damn true!

Anyway, went down to Orchard to meet Stella for dinner. My appetite is getting abnormal.
I get hungry every 2 hours after a proper meal which seems exaggerating, i know! But im
telling the truth. Had dinner in Pepper Lunch!

Its served in a steaming hotplate of 260 degree, & we hav to DIY it & cook it to our own
likings. I was mixing & cooking it and i did something stupid! I actually rested my wrist
onto the hotplate as i was too engrossed in the cooking and i forgot that its still scorching.
OMFG, its damn pain & the pain actually stayed for more then an hour.

Saw the red swollen part on my wrist? *Pain, cries!!!

My skin is burnt, red & swollen. Damn, i was too careless. I still feel the pain when i
touch on the wound or lean my wrist against my lappy. The scalded marks reminds me
of my childhood days!

I remembered, my mum always sat beside me & my sis with a cane in her hand while
we do our homework. And when we answered wrongly, she will spank us with the cane.
And after every spanking, we will get red swollen marks on our body!

Kids are more fortunate these days as their parents treat them like a queen/king & they
are being pamped with everything. Im green with envy!!! Therefore, im not so fortunate

Yay, i have more then 100 followers now! Alright, target reached! Human always tends
to be greedy, so i shall be the greedy one too! Im aiming for 200 followers now! Hope i
can reach this target soon. Thanks for those who followed my blog. Alright, im tired but
im off tml! Shall sleep soon!